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Duck House and Golden Keepsakes Collectible Dolls and Lamps
Duck House and now Golden Keepsakes provides hundreds of collectible dolls to choose from. All dolls are excellent products that are packaged very well and provide excellent value. The dolls, doll furniture, and doll lamps are known for their exceptional quality for the price. We can generally ship doll orders within 24 hours. Click on the links to view all of the items...

Duck House and Golden Keepsakes Doll Collections
This unique doll collection holds many distinctive new doll designs and handcrafted faces in both porcelain and vinyl, the likes of which can be appreciated by collectors of all ages. Returning by enormously popular demand are the fairy dolls. Furthermore, all of the fairy lamps feature unique body posturing, as you can almost imagine their fantastical world come to life. Additionally, we have created more Indian dolls (not made by Native Americans- all are made in China), and enlarged our selection of larger sized dolls.

Golden Keepsakes History
Duck House was established in 1981 in Los Angeles, California. Their mission was to provide collectible dolls of the finest quality at affordable prices so that young and old could enjoy doll collecting. These Heirloom Dolls have been sought after by thousands of doll collectors nationally and internationally. Under a new name, Golden Keepsakes is now delivering the same exact quality dolls as provided by Duck House for more than 26 years.
Over the past 26 years, Duck House’s product lines have continuously grown. With their diversified and constantly expanding product lines, we are confident that you will be satisfied with the products whether you are a doll collector or a reseller. To be more specific, these product lines include:
  • Collectible Porcelain Dolls & Accessories
  • Baby & Child Dolls
  • Vinyl Dolls
  • Country Dolls
  • American Ethnic Dolls
  • Lady & Victorian Dolls
  • Tassel Dolls
  • Fairy Dolls
  • Bridal Dolls
  • Ballerina Dolls
  • Doll Music Boxes
  • Doll Furniture & Doll Accessories
  • Doll Lamps and Fabric Lamps
  • Blankets

We take great pride in presenting these heirloom treasures to you and your families, and hope that you will find the same pleasure in selecting them. In the following pages, you are sure to find an abounding supply of diverse doll styles that are sure to capture your heart. We are confident that you will find satisfaction in selecting our products. Thank you very much.
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